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Why do we do Dry-Land (Off-Ice) Practice?

As Hockey Director, it is my mission to have our program fully committed to an off-ice program as well as on ice.  The videos (courtesy of Joe Bonnett from USA Hockey) below demonstrate the need for this, not just within Taos Youth Hockey, but on a national level.  

The first video is from Vierumaki (a Finnish club where the ADM group within USA Hockey has learned so much), and the video beside that is a 12U/14U AAA team from Ohio doing the same basic athletic tests.  After reviewing these videos, I hope each coach/parent out there understands that we must build athletes first, hockey players second - not just so our program will be better, but for the sake of the athlete period.

Further down the page are drills and videos collected to help with this initiative.

Vierumaki Off-Ice Tumbling

Vierumaki Cart Wheels

AAA 12U/14U program

12U/14U AAA Club Cart Wheels

Here's a great workout routine for the summer season, when we don't typically have ice in Taos.

NFL/Fox uploaded this on Facebook, some great work outs for Agility Ladders.

Ab Exercises

What is the ADM?

8U/10U/12U/ Off-Ice

Below is information on Dry-land training for all ages.  This page is a work in progress and will be updated as frequently as possible.  

Below is USA Hockey's page for the Dry-land cards and videos showing most of the activities.