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From USA Hockey's ADM Page - 

The Great One’s message to parents: Let your kids have fun. 

“In youth hockey, in most cases, it’s really important for kids to play other sports – whether it’s indoor lacrosse or soccer or baseball. I think what that does is two things. One, each sport helps the other sport. And then I think taking time off in the off-season – that three or four month window – really rejuvenates kids so when they come back at the end of August, they’re more excited. They think, ‘All right, hockey’s back, I’m ready to go.’”
– Wayne Gretzky

Excerpt from Globe and Mail, September 26, 2008, Erick Duhatschek. Gretzky was a multisport athlete himself growing up – he also excelled in baseball and lacrosse.

TYHA Gear Return

If you rented gear from Taos Youth Hockey and have not returned it yet, gear return day is Saturday, March 28th from 9 AM to 11 AM.  


Your options for your $50 are as follows: 

  1. You can donate this to TYHA, we’ll use it for gear/scholarships etc.
  2. We can write you a check and mail it to the address we have on file.  (The address your child is registered with on USA Hockey).


Instructions for Gear Return.

  1. Your player's jersey(s) and team socks go to your team manager AFTER you have washed and dried them. 
  2. All other gear is to be delivered, after being washed and dried, to Hinds and Hinds Storage in El Prado - Row J.  Hinds and Hinds is located at the Hail Creek traffic light.


All Game Summaries and Stats are complete!


The link below has the schedule, results, and standings for the 2nd weekend.

Use this TaosHockey.com Search bar to find what you are looking for.


    by Elizabeth Pacheco (From the Kraft HockeyVille Contest)

    Hockey in Taos is important because it is one of the only sports that is so accessible. We have try hockey for free, and have started supporting sled hockey. Hockey gives those who cannot always participate in sports a chance to fall in love with a sport that is already so easy to love. Hockey in my town is one of the sports with the most dedicated coaches, parents, and players. We may not always win, but we always give all we can to the game. Hockey helps a to reach the kids in my community that do not always have an outlet or a strong support system. There are scholarships, and equipment banks that we have, to help ease a financial strain on families. Hockey gives everyone who participates a family to belong to, and a positive way to spend their time. Hockey in Taos has helped to better our community, pushing players to do better in school, and to stay out of trouble. The Taos High School team has won state, and are currently the New Mexico State Champions. Not because of flashy equipment, or because they have composite players, but because of the dedication of our Coaches and players who show up to 5:30 am practice four days a week. Hockey gives these students something to look forward to before they go to school every morning. It gives a reason to be the best people they can be. Hockey is a reason to become a responsible, and helpful adult. It gives role models, in the form of dedicated volunteers.

    Taos Youth Hockey Upcoming Events

    • Apr
    • 7
    TYHA Board Meeting
    • May
    • 24
    Summer Hockey Kick Off
    • 4:00pm- 5:00pm (MDT) Ical_event_icon
    • Taos Youth and Family Center
    • The Kick-Off event for the Summer Hockey program, will include orientation and getting to know coaches/managers.  

    • Tag(s): Roller Hockey Sign-Up 

    Finding the Taos Ice Arena

    Located in historic Taos, NM, the Taos Youth & Family Center plays host to the Taos Youth Hockey Association & The Taos Ice Tigers.

    If you are in the area please stop by and enjoy our open recreational skating as well.